Game Environment Presentation

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Posted on September 6, 2016

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Project Desciption

Read the project description and instructions below. Go through the attached files. 

NOTE: This work needs to be done within 24 hours.

Game Environment Presentation 

Shooting bullet exercise: Using a 3rd person controller, apply bullet scripts and physics to a character in a designed environment.

PART I – Setup the environment:

Create a new project for Unity, choose to import the “Character Controller” assets. Create Models, Textures, and Scripts folders and import the yurtmodel and textures in to the associated folders.

Place the model into the Hierarchy, create a point light and adjust the setting so the environment is visible.

Fix the “Object02” & “Object07”model by re-link the texture and choose the transparent materials. 

Create a gameobject cube, scale the cube to the size of the floor to place it by the floor. Turn off the “Mesh Renderer” for the cube. This will serve as a collider for the character to walk on.

Drag the 3rd Person controller into the scene(Characters > ThirdPersonCharacter > Prefabs > ThirdPersonController). Adjust the size of the character and place it above the ground. Make the main camera the child of the 3rd Person controller and drag the main camera behind him, test the scene.

Create mesh colliders for the steps and table geometry by adding the components to the selected objects, choose physics > Mesh Colliders. Test the scene.

PART II – Create shooting bullets: 

Create empty gameobject and rename your empty game object gun.

Drag the gun on top of your 3rd person controller, place it roughly by the hand.

Create a sphere game object , resize and reposition it close to the gun.

Add a rigidbody to the sphere by going to component > physics > rigidbody.

Create a “Weapon” folder in the Project.

Right click on folder and create a prefab, name the prefab “bullet”. Drag the sphere (from step 4) on to prefab.

Delete bullet from scene it is no longer needed.

Drag the “shoot” script into weapon folder.

Attach shoot script to “gun”, the empty game object.

Drag bullet rigidbody on to projectile section of shoot script.

Test the scene.


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