OEM RF Module to Raspberry PI

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Posted on September 12, 2016

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Project Desciption

I am wanting to integrate an 900 mhz OEM RF Module with a Raspberry PI.

The OEM RF Module must be bridged with the ethernet port in the Raspberry PI.

The OEM RF Module has available to it several modulation, speed, and payload settings that need to be made available to users as configurable options via a web server on the raspberry PI.

The OEM Module will come with an API to interface with the Raspberry PI and interfaces via  TTL via 24pin Samtec Connector.

First portion of the job will be to consult on the design of the interface both Hardware and Software.

Successful completion of the project will be a working 900mhz ethernet radio using the PI board interfaced with the OEM RF Module, that is configurable by users via web server hosted on the PI.

Other improvements will be included after successful delivery of the radio.

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