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Posted on September 6, 2016

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Project Desciption

We need a virtual assistance to help search, organize, and download images, photos, or videos for a large collage project.

There are 3 types of project:

A. Download 100 images/photos and 900 videos

B. Download 200 images/photos and 800 videos

C. Download 300 images/photos and 700 videos

Please indicate your project preference if any. You maybe assigned one based on what is needed. You will be given access to an app/software to help with downloading and making the whole process a lot easier.

Photos and videos needs to be HD quality.

This is a very straight forward task

1. Search the web

2. Pick A or B or C

3. Organize in folders and label them in excel. The labeling will need details and description of the image/video. You can cut and paste from where you obtain the source.

4. Upload to the cloud.

Must be English fluent so we can communicate well and efficiently.

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