WordPress Plugins For Gravatars, Authors and Tweets

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Posted on October 26, 2016

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Project Desciption

Job 1: I have a WordPress site where a lot of users make comments. However, many users don’t have a gravatar image. I want to encourage all users to set up a gravatar image. I would like a pop up that appears every 14 days to logged in users only who don’t have a gravatar image. The pop up is to remind them to get one with instructions on how to get one.

Job 2: I currently use the WordPress plugin Fancier Author Box. I want to get rid of it because:

  1. I don’t like the way it loads via JS, it should load in the HTML
  2. I often have multiple authors for a document. Fancier Author Box does not detect multiple authors.

To set up multiple authors, I use Co-Authors Plus plugin.

I would like code developing that adds a HTML Author box to the foot of each post. You can do this by creating code for my functions.php, or by creating your own plugin. I would like each Author to have their own box. Each box should have the same layout as I currently enjoy. Here are some details of the https://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/incorporate-co-authors-plus-template-tags-into-your-theme/

I would also like two new shortcodes creating. A shortcode for “All Authors” and a short code of “All Editors”. It is for display on an “about” page. A writer must be an author on an article in the last 12 months to be on either list.

Job 3: The problem with showing / embedding tweets in posts is:

  1. Loading lazily pushes the page down. This is after the page has rendered. So if a user opens a comment, the comment then jumps from view on screen because the tweets loading higher up the page.
  2. The tweet box are always right aligned, so looks untidy.

Please add some CSS to my child theme so that Tweets are always centred in an article and so that room is left for the tweet.

Notes: I prefer coders who ask questions, and good standards must be followed. I currently use php 5.6 but want to upgrade to php 7, so you code must work with both php 5.6 and 7. Good design and code standards are a minimum requirement.




  • Job 1: Create a pop up to remind users get a gravatar image.
  • Job 2: Remove the WordPress plugin Fancier Author Box.
  • Resolve the problem with showing / embedding tweets in posts.

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